About Us

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Our History

Signet Investments has a unique history our investors benefit from. With a lifetime exposure to the real estate industry, founder Eduardo Sigal has developed invaluable intellect into the intricacies of the business, as well as formulating insights, and key relationships with important individuals. Throughout years of changing trends in real estate, Sigal’s leadership has guided the company on a successful path of growth for investors by utilizing key management strategies. With quality locations, transparency to our investors and tenants, steady and patient growth, low leverage and flexibility to changing times, Signet Investments has been able to create significant wealth and sustained growth for our investors’ portfolios.

Our Mission

We aim to be the best boutique real estate investment firm that focuses on quality assets, smart investments, transparent management, and increasing value through market driven design. We are here to ensure your investments sync with your financial goals, help minimize risk, and ensure you are positioned to thrive in the world of real estate investments with like-minded, experienced managers.

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Results Oriented

For several years, we have assisted individuals in investing in their future in real estate. We are honored people trust us, but we are even more inspired by the results we achieve for them. Utilizing our strengths to benefit others is the true reward.

Vast Resources

With a seasoned history and a broad network of specialists to go to that extend well beyond the real estate world, we provide essential support for your goals. From immigration attorneys, money managers and estate lawyers to accountants and other experts in their field, we have worked with leading professionals from all areas of business in order to to help connect our partners so they may successfully manage their affairs.

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