Our Logo

Signet Investments Logo Design Philosophy

A visionary among companies that invest in real estate, an ordinary logo just wouldn’t do for Signet Investments. In many ways, our logo represents a flame that signifies the legacy, wisdom and long-term investing principles passed down from older generations to our founder Eduardo Sigal.

A flame requires a balance between fire and oxygen. Balance remains a guiding principle in our quest to build family wealth for our clients. We take a balanced approach to risk and return, diversification and the use of debt to grow clients’ investment portfolio. 

The graduated and contradictory colors are meant to symbolize that Signet Investments doesn’t believe in the archaic approach to investing. It doesn’t follow the industry’s herd mentality. 

Similar to how our logo challenges the norms of logo design by being both three-dimensional and two-dimensional, we challenge the investment myths and trends to put our clients on the best path to building generational wealth.

The unique color combination – neither red entirely nor orange – represents elegance and provokes a rethink of what a logo can be. At Signet Investments, we constantly strive to break the shackles of complacency to achieve lasting growth for our clients’ portfolios.

Akin to the flame of a torch, which has remained a symbol of progress and wisdom throughout history, our logo conveys how we are constantly evolving and adapting to changing market dynamics to remain a cut above the rest.



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