Our Logo

Finding the perfect logo for any company is a challenge. We feel this symbol perfectly resembles our core principles and values.


Balance is a key component of long term growth in any investment portfolio. Whether it’s in the risk/return, in diversification, or in the use of debt. In this symbol, one can see a square and circle, color and colorless, three dimensional and two, and light and dark.

The Torch

Throughout history, the torch has been a symbol of wisdom and the eternal. Wisdom is a core value we constantly work on obtaining and have a background having been surrounded by this. The eternal symbolizes the way we invest – Long Term strategies.


Orange/Red is not a common logo color, neither is a 3 dimensional object with gradiation. Yet in its elegance and design, it works. This is how we add value in our project. We put more thought into our designs and they stand out from the rest.



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