FAQ About Signet Investments

At Signet, we value safe, lower risk investment strategies while growing investments organically and consistently with a long-term approach. Our success has been based on this business model. We do this by acquiring quality assets in economically strong areas with a potential to increase the value through our management. This includes lower leverage, forward looking development/remodeling, and diversification.

This strategy allows our investors to sleep better at night.

IRR is a useful calculation, however the IRR is a quantitative measure, not qualitative. It does not measure risk. Our business model is based long term growth, consistency, stability, quality and safety – variables not included in the calculation of the IRR. As a thumb rule, those variables tend to decline when more risk is taken.

Contact us to learn more about measurements of value.

Although highly unusual in our industry, there are no fees. Our compensation is based on increasing the value of your investment. This aligns our interests with our investors and keeps your investment costs low.

There are certain considerations to be determined, and this is a case by case basis. FRIPTA, for example, currently requires that a 10% withholding apply to certain individual. You will need to speak with a specialist.

Yes, however this is where we excel. Our conservative approach significantly lowers risk.

When chosen wisely, real estate is one of the safest and most productive wealth positions for an individual to choose. This is especially true when compared to stocks and bonds. Aside from having the advantages of cash flow, interest deductions, depreciation, and stability, properties in prime locations generally tend to rise in value as well as increase in cash flow. Unlike a stock that can lose all its value, land is limited.

We seek out opportunities in the most prosperous and growing cities in the United States. Each investment we study and look into has specific qualification requirements, including household income, positioning relative to the traffic corridors, local employment, other construction projects nearby, household income, parking, and city construction goals. We look for quality.

We accept accredited investors. The definition of this Federal Regulation 501 Regulation D is defined here.

The minimum investment is $250,000.



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