It’s one thing to know how to find investment properties, it’s another to know exactly what to do with them in order to generate exceptional returns. In the industry since the early 1990’s, this is something that Signet Investments had distilled down to an art form. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will have the preservation of your capital and the expansion of your family wealth at the heart of everything that we do.

Signet is unique among companies that invest in real estate as we focus on high quality assets to provide clients with a safer path to generational wealth. We take a holistic view of asset management in real estate, abstaining from overleveraging and unnecessary risk while being mindful of external economic and political factors that may impact our investments. Our diversification strategies have enabled our clients to weather the economic uncertainty brought on by unexpected events, such as COVID19, the Great Recession, and others.

We provide bespoke family investing solutions to help our clients build family wealth. Whether you want to invest in a property for retirement or passive income, your objectives will guide our selection of robust asset classes with enhanced cash flow to generate great returns. 

Strategic Planning

Finding a property for sale is one step; more importantly is investing in an opportunity for the right price and understanding its future value. This includes the potential bumps in the road as well as local and general market trends.


Signet Investments takes a prudent approach to investing in real estate. We strive to acquire properties with great potential for the right price to realize their true future value. The long-term viability of the property is of the utmost importance to maintain the stability of our portfolio.

Seasoned Management

Under the leadership of Eduardo Sigal and his nearly two decades of expertise in real estate investing, we have built a prominent reputation as a highly accomplished real estate owner and operator. With hands-on property management, Signet liberates clients from having to negotiate leases, maintain buildings and perform administrative tasks.

Design Management

Leverage our in-depth market knowledge as well as our design and construction management expertise to extract additional value out of new projects. 

Market Analysis

We achieve success in our deals by methodically analyzing market dynamics to acquire high quality properties with embedded growth opportunities for value addition through dynamic asset management.

Team Building

Signet takes great pride in establishing mutually rewarding relationships with cities, contractors, brokers and other partners. We achieve synergy by putting the right team together for all of our projects.



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