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the signet podcast guest speaker, mark crawford

Episode 7

Mark Crawford

Today, Mark Crawford, CEO of Land Income, and I sit down to discuss farmland real estate as an investment. Not being familiar with this asset class in real estate I was blown away with the returns, rationality, and risk profile. We spoke about water shortage, population growth, supply chain effects on farmland, and many other interesting topics. Please see below for more information:

Mark helps investors of all sizes – from individuals, to institutions and trust funds – revamp vanilla portfolio allocations by adding non-correlated, income producing, and inflation hedged investments in premium farmland, water supply, agricultural development, and other asset-based investments.

As a licensed California Real Estate Broker having over 40 years of expertise in the farmland, agriculture, and asset-based investment space who has grown and sold 4 real estate LLCs through fluctuating market cycles, and allocated over $100,000,000 of investor capital, Mark understands the challenges of the asset-based investment landscape and how daunting it can be.

This is why he is proud to say (I’m outstanding in my field 🌾👴🏼 🌾) He has helped hundreds of investors make millions of dollars and have a network of founders that are experts in the farmland and agricultural industries. 🚜 📈

the signet podcast guest speaker, lorna auerbach

Episode 6

Lorna Auerbach

Lorna Auerbach oversees the asset management functions of her family’s multi-state commercial investment portfolio as President and CEO of Auerbach Realty Holdings, LLC. In Part 1 of our interview, we discuss the benefits of viewing core company values, employees, and entrepreneurship through a long-term lens, and what matters most in mentorship and family business. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Lorna is a fitting example of the kind of impacts generational success can have on a broader scale. As a second-generation investor, she has followed in her father’s footsteps in leveraging business success toward numerous philanthropic and social justice causes, and the large-scale impacts of her efforts are many — including bringing about changes in legislation aimed toward bringing an end to sex trafficking and child sexual abuse.
banner for signet investments podcast speaker, keith wasserman

Episode 5

Keith Wasserman

Today, on the Signet Podcast, I interview Keith Wasserman, Principal of Gelt, Inc. Besides being incredibly intelligent and extremely entrepreneurial, Keith tactics and mindset have a lot to learn from. Keith is one of the most inspiring people I’ve interviewed. He’s also one of the youngest.

He started out during the great recession buying a small property in Bakersfield with $5,000 down (on a credit card), but has been able to consistently accelerate his investment holdings using solid investment strategies. Gelt, Inc has created a portfolio of over $2 billion in valuation. Keith invest in different property types across the western United States. This was a very fun conversation that you are sure to hear some great insights.

Thank you for watching and Invest Responsibly!
the signet podcast guest speaker, brian shirken

Episode 4

Brian Shirken

In this episode I have a great conversation with my friend Brian Shirken, who is the founder of Mountain Pacific Opportunity Partners, and the founder of it’s precursor, Mountain Capital Partners, as well as Columbus Pacific. Brian has broad experience across various asset classes and that is one of the reasons he is so interesting. His Real Estate investments include retail, student housing, multi-family, hotels, affordable housing, and senior house. Through his activities, Brian has provided mezzanine and equity capital in excess of $500 Million for projects that have an underlying value of over $2 Billion. Listen to this show to find out what made him so successful and to hear his investment philosophies.

Shirken is the former Chair of the Jewish Federation’s Real Estate Division, a General Partner of the Los Angeles Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund and a Fellow of the Wexner Foundation.
the signet podcast guest speaker, jeffrey hudson

Episode 3

Jeffrey Hudson

Jeff Hudson’s specialty lies in Commercial Real Estate Debt and Financing at Walker Dunlop. Jeff has helped to finance more that 10 billion in loans across many property types including office, industrial, retail, apartment, hotel, mobile home park, and mini-warehouses. Today he structures loans throughout the country that ranged from $1 million to over $500 million dollars in size.
the signet podcast guest speaker, jose sigal

Episode 2

Jose Sigal

In this episode, Sigal interviews Jose Sigal about his real estate investment strategies and business savviness provide a lot to learn from. Jose Sigal is the founder and owner of J S Signet, a boutique real estate investment company. He has been investing in real estate since the 80’s when he immigrated from Mexico with very limited resources. It was with those resources and the right strategies where, he created a nice base for a family portfolio managed out of his office in Santa Monica, California.
the signet podcast guest speaker, luis maizel

Episode 1

Luiz Maizel

Luis Maizel, Co-Founder and Senior Managing Director, has been investing in the global fixed-income markets since 1984. Mr. Maizel was born and raised in Mexico City. His experience includes serving as Vice President of Finance for Grupoventas, S.A.; faculty member at the Harvard Business School; and President of Industrial Kuick, S.A.

The Podcast

As one of the leading companies that invest in real estate, Signet Investments feels that there’s a greater need now than ever before for real estate investment wisdom that cuts through the noise. Amid self-proclaimed gurus hawking dubious investment courses to inexperienced investors chasing risky deals, a source of authentic information is the need of the hour.

That’s why we started The Signet Podcast. Banking on our decades of experience in family wealth management, our podcast brings you insightful discussions with leaders in the real estate investment industry. The podcast reveals strategies and principles that veterans of the industry use to make each of their real estate investment deals more lucrative than the last. The interviewees include friends and family members of our founder and are independent of Signet Investments.

About Eduardo Sigal

Host of The Signet Podcast

With over two decades of real estate asset management experience, Eduardo Sigal, MBA, brings his dynamic approach and unique vision to the podcast. Having grown up in the world of real estate investing, Sigal intimately understands how the market works and the strategic foresight required to make the most of it. He brings this wealth of knowledge to his discussions with some of the world’s leading real estate developers, business leaders and investors who reveal the secrets to their success.



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